Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars Set Good Example, Lose Weight

Weight Watchers-branded meals and snacks are supposed to make it easier to follow the Weight Watchers points system and, well, lose weight. Reader M is a fan of their packaged ice cream bars, and was disappointed when she noticed that they’re a little bit smaller than they used to be after a recent package redesign. Yes, it was the Grocery Shrink Ray.

Granted, they aren’t a lot smaller. Each bar has lost two milliliters, yet the size in fluid ounces remain the same. That’s confusing.

Here’s the original packaging:


Here’s the nutritional information that went along with it:


Here’s the redesigned package. Nothing different here, other than the addition of “No artificial sweeteners” to the front of the package.


Ah, but the bar has lost two grams when you look at the nutrition information. “It really made me mad cause all the manufacturers are doing the same dirty tricks,” M writes. Then at some point in the future they’ll probably advertise ‘new larger size!!!'” Or advertise a “jumbo” fudge bar that weighs 80 grams and costs more than these bars.


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