Sargento Shortchanges Customers Who Prefer Sharp Cheddar Cheese

CHEESE_TOGETHERMegan was shopping for cheese at Target over the weekend, as many sensible people do, and she noticed something strange about the pre-sliced packages of Sargento cheddar. It came in two different sizes, which had the same price. Yes, it turns out that one of them was the victim of the Grocery Shrink Ray, taking the total from 20 slices to 18, depriving customers of enough slices to make an entire grilled cheese sandwich. UPDATE: The different sizes may represent different package sizes between cheddar types, which is confusing.



She sent along some photos: here’s an enlarged version in case you’re on a smartphone screen. Indeed, the product page on Sargento’s site also has this particular cheese with only 18 slices.

UPDATE: Reader George points out that on Sargento’s site, the different cheddar types have different slice counts, with 18 slices of sharp cheddar and 20 slices of mild. Are they shrinking all of the packages across all sizes, or are they simply giving customers less of the sharp cheese, which has been aged for longer?


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