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This Cake Featuring A Ken Doll Wearing A Ruffled Pink Dress Is Selling Like Crazy

Perhaps you’ve seen cakes with a doll wearing a gorgeous, puffy gown made of frosting before, but one Sacramento bakery’s twist on that familiar creation — using a Ken doll instead of Barbie — has prompted an avalanche of orders. [More]


Alleged Shoplifter Makes A Run For It, Loses Pants

Always dress for the task at hand. If you’re going on a long hike, wear layers. Going to the beach? Put on some sunscreen. Suspicious clouds in the sky? Pack an umbrella. And if you’re going shoplifting, for gosh sakes, make sure your clothes fit properly. And put on some underpants. [More]

4 Ways To Appear More Confident And Successful

4 Ways To Appear More Confident And Successful

Your appearance may not always help you get what you want in your career, but it can certainly hold you back. Make a poor visual impression on others and they could look down on you for superficial reasons that transfer over to other aspects of the way they see you. [More]