Yes, Adding Gasoline And Lighter Fluid To A Birthday Cake May Increase Risk Of Setting Other Things On Fire

With the dawning of the Internet age has come an era filled with technological advances and tools that let humans talk to each other all over the world in mere seconds. And yet it has also wrought incredible stupidity, all for the sake of filming things to post on YouTube. Adding to the list of very unwise things to do for Internet fame: Adding flammable liquids to a birthday cake to make it explode — while inside the house.

Police in New Jersey say a man intent on filming his flaming experience for all the Internet to see decided the best way to get a flaming cake was to add flammable ingredients to his concoction, reports The Record, setting fire to his kitchen table.

Officials said they received a call Sunday morning but police and firefighters were met by an angry man when they turned up on the scene to investigate. After an officer advised him to calm down and let firefighters check out the home, “he then started yelling at his wife for calling emergency services,” the chief of police said.

As they continued to talk to the man, the officer could smell gasoline coming from his clothing, and the truth came out.

“The resident was attempting to film a fire with a birthday cake utilizing his iPad to post on You Tube,” the chief said. “He was using lighter fluid and gasoline on his kitchen table when it got out of control.”

He was apparently ticked off as he was able to put out most of the fire before the Fire Department arrived, “and felt it was unnecessary for them to even be there.”

Police: Maywood man’s secret cake ingredient for YouTube stunt? Gasoline [The Record]

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