Walmart Customers Vote To Bring Back Oreo-Flavored Oreos For The 4th Time

Image courtesy of David H

Walmart decided to democratize their latest act of stunt food, and they left the choice of which novelty Oreo flavor to sell in 2017 up to a customer vote. Given the choice of caramel apple, jelly donut, and cookies and creme flavors, the online vote went to cookies and creme. Yes, people actually chose Oreo-flavored Oreos.

Special flavors tend to be exclusive to one retailer or another, and that’s how Walmart promoted this flavor vote. Caramel apple Oreos were a fall flavor exclusive to Target in 2014, for example. Jelly donut is entirely new. Cookies and creme flavor Oreos, though, will be on the market for the fourth time during this “exclusive” engagement at Walmart.


They are a confusing product, since they are by definition Oreo-flavored Oreos. Cookies and creme, after all, is an ice cream flavor, and was given that name to avoid using the trademarked sandwich cookie name in the ice cream.

Cookies and creme is now a standard ice cream flavor, and a pretty good one, but causes an existential problem as an Oreo flavor. “Cookies” and “creme” refer to the two parts of an Oreo. The cookies of this flavor have little flecks of chocolate-flavored cookie wafer in the creme in the middle.

We still look forward to ice cream made from cookies and creme flavored Oreos, which should be called Oreoception.

Winner of Walmart’s Oreo cookie contest causes universe to implode upon itself [Marketwatch]

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