Filled Cupcake Oreos Are Really Happening, Will Arrive February 8

oreo_vault_is_a_thingIn Manhattan this week, there appeared a mysterious Oreo-shaped door in a wall. When you open the door, to no one’s surprise, you find Oreos. Parent company Mondelez plans to use the door, which they call the “Oreo Wonder Vault,” to introduce new flavors to the public shortly before they reach real-life stores. Today, they opened up the vault to distribute Filled Cupcake Oreos.

We wondered when this product first came out how it would work. We weren’t able to make it to the vault or get any early samples, but the Huffington Post tells the world that the cookies taste pretty much like the chocolate Oreos that have been available for a while now… with a dollop of vanilla-flavored creme in the middle.

Here’s what Oreo says you would find on the other side of that door if you were allowed inside. Seems kind of large for downtown Manhattan.

Here’s What’s Behind the Mysterious Oreo Door That Popped Up in NYC Today [AdWeek]

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