We’re Not Quite Sure How To Feel About The Fact That Yogurt Liqueur Exists

bolsyogurtWhile there are surely some tasty dairy-based alcoholic beverages out there, there’s just something about drinking boozy yogurt that seems a bit… off-putting. But hey, different strokes for different folks. For those who like mixing food with their drinks, there’s a yogurt liqueur out there just for you.

MarketWatch has the details on yogurt’s crossover from trendy food favorite to cocktail ingredient, from a Dutch-based spirits brand called Bols. As it turns out, the creamy alcoholic cocktail addition has been around for about two years in the United States, although it’s had limited success. Again, because a shelf-stable dairy booze sounds like it could be kind of gross.

“It doesn’t immediately sound like something you want to try,” admits Bols marketing director Jaron Berkhemer to MarketWatch.

But instead of ditching the idea, the company kept at it — and their efforts paid off: Florida bartending started using the liqueur in a piña colada instead of cream of coconut, resulting in a drink that’s lighter in calories than your usual cocktail. Added bonus: No blender required.

So what does it actually taste like? MarketWatch isn’t really a fan of drinking it alone, saying “it falls somewhere in that strange and scary zone between milk and water.” Blech.

That being said, including it in a cocktail transforms the liqueur, the MarketWatch team says.

“The yogurt liqueur does all the heavy lifting in terms of giving the drink a creamy consistency, but it doesn’t turn the cocktail into a ‘yogurt drink,’ either.”

This has given us a lot to think about.

You can now get your yogurt as a liqueur [MarketWatch]

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