McDonald’s Beefing Up Its Quarter Pounder Patty

Earlier this year, McDonald’s announced it would revamp its burger process by searing the beef and toasting the buns. Apparently, though, that’s not enough for the Golden Arches, so more changes are in store: adding meat to the quarter pounder.

CNBC, citing an internal document from the fast food giant, reports that the new double quarter pounder will come with 0.25 more ounces of beef before cooking.

The current version of the quarter pounder with cheese weighs in at 4 ounces before cooking and 2.8 ounces after cooking.

The new patties, which are expected to roll out next month, will also undergo the new cooking process that aims to improve “the taste, texture and appearance of the burgers.”

McDonald’s declined to provide comment to CNBC on the new burgers, but said that under CEO Steve Easterbrook’s guidance, the company continues to innovate around its “food, drinks and restaurant experience based on customers’ preferences.”

McDonald’s Quarter Pounder is getting bigger (really!) [CNBC]

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