Dannon Looking To Cut Sugar In Yogurt

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Earlier this year the Department of Agriculture and Department of Health and Human Services released the eighth edition of Dietary Guidelines that included the suggestion that Americans limit their consumption of added sugar to no more than 10% of one’s dietary calories. In response, French Yogurt giant Dannone is looking at ways to reduce the amount of sweet stuff in its products. 

Reuters reports that the maker of products like, Oikos, Active, and Dannon, is working with the American Heart Association and other health groups to find ways to reduce sugar amid concerns of overconsumption.

Company executives say that they are looking for additional ways to cut sugar in their products after already reducing most items to 23 grams or less per six-ounce serving.

In recent years, the company has rolled out low-sugar Dannon and Oikos products, including those made with beet sugar and evaporated cane juice.

“We’re going to look at things like that,” Philippe Caradec, Dannon’s vice president of corporate affairs, told Reuters.

The move to reduce sugar in yogurt comes after the Dept. of Agriculture suggested consumers begin to seek out diets rich in fat-free or low-fat diary foods.

“Additional strategies include limiting or decreasing portion size of grain-based and dairy desserts and sweet snacks and choosing unsweetened or no-sugar-added versions of canned fruit, fruit sauces, and yogurt,” the government advised in its Dietary Guidelines.

However, many low-fat yogurts include added sweeteners on top of naturally occurring sugar.

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