Drinkable Yogurt Is What Happens When We Get Tired Of Other Trendy Ideas

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If you have a problem with the idea of chugging liquid yogurt, gird your stomachs, folks. Because it’s a thing that is happening, now that the Greek yogurt trend is losing its luster.

The latest fad in the dairy aisle is now drinkable yogurt, according to a report by research firm Mintel cited by The Washington Post.

That includes yogurt smoothies, kefir, and other drinks with that yogurt-y tang — basically, anything portable that doesn’t require a spoon to consume.

Sales of yogurt drinks have spiked 62% in the last five years, and they’re projected to climb another 11% this year, Mintel says. In comparison, sales of “spoonable” yogurt have only grown 27% in that same time.

Greek yogurt is facing especially rough times, with lagging sales growth in recent years.

“Old fashioned Greek yogurt is definitely losing some steam,” a food analyst previously told WaPo. “We grow tired of things pretty quickly here in the United States.”

Translation: we get bored, and drinkable yogurt happens.

The good news for the dairy industry is that Greek yogurt “introduced consumers to the possibility of variety, in terms of flavor, texture, and function,” Mintel says.

“A growing acceptance of yogurt as a snack creates huge opportunity for the market,” said Beth Bloom, a senior analyst Mintel. “As adoption of yogurt drinks grows, so too does innovation.”

What’s next: yogurt ingestion by osmosis? Yogurt injections? We’ll probably find out as soon as this fad flares out.

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