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Former JCPenney CEO: Should Have Stayed With My Plan Despite $6B Loss

Former JCPenney CEO Ron “No Sales Here” Johnson may have cost the retailer $6 billion in sales during his tenure, but the executive believes his plan could have turned around the company, eventually.  [More]

McDonald's increased the amount of beef in its Quarter Pounder.

McDonald’s Officially Beefs Up The Quarter Pounder, Could Prices Be Increasing Too?

Back in June, McDonald’s was mum on whether or not there was truth to reports that it would up the beef in its Quarter Pounder. Today, we received confirmation as the company has officially added 0.25 ounces to the burger. But now that there’s more meat between the buns, will it mean more money from our wallets? [More]

McDonald’s Beefing Up Its Quarter Pounder Patty

McDonald’s Beefing Up Its Quarter Pounder Patty

Earlier this year, McDonald’s announced it would revamp its burger process by searing the beef and toasting the buns. Apparently, though, that’s not enough for the Golden Arches, so more changes are in store: adding meat to the quarter pounder. [More]

McDonald’s Closing More Stores Than It’s Opening For First Time In At Least 40 Years

McDonald’s Closing More Stores Than It’s Opening For First Time In At Least 40 Years

For the past several months McDonald’s and its new CEO Steve Easterbrook have attempted to initiate a turnaround for the slumping Golden Arches including earmarking nearly 700 stores for closure. As a result of those measures the company’s footprint is expected to shrink for the first time in nearly four decades. [More]

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McDonald’s Closes 700 Locations In First Half Of 2015

Just yesterday McDonald’s new CEO Steve Easterbrook claimed that he was in the midst of developing a turnaround plan for the once unstoppable fast food force. However, it appears his ideas on how to reverse sagging sales and criticism of labor practices comes a bit too late for about 700 locations that have already closed or are slated for closing this year. [More]

Joey’s Med Grill Lets Reader Off The Rack

We’re not implacable, inconsolable. We, as consumerists, can be appeased. Most of the time, all we want is a sincere “We know we fucked up.” That we scream so very loud here is testament to just how endangered the species of sincere corporate apologies really is.