McDonald’s Testing Fresh Ground Beef For Its Hamburger Patties

Image courtesy of eblaser

In yet another attempt to align with consumers’ shifting food preferences, McDonald’s is testing hamburgers made from fresh ground beef instead of frozen patties.

Burgers like the Bacon Clubhouse and Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese are being made with fresh hamburger meat at 14 locations in the Dallas area, reports USA Today.

The patties are made from the same grade of beef as the frozen stuff, and are being cooked to order.

Though the test has been underway since November, a spokeswoman tells USA Today that “it’s very premature to draw any conclusions yet,” especially when taking into account whether this kind of move would work at the nation’s 14,000 locations

“Like all of our tests, this one, too, is designed to see what works and what doesn’t within our restaurants,” McComb says, adding that the company is monitoring operations, customer response and price points.

McDonald’s testing fresh, not frozen, hamburger patties [USA Today]

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