Charmin Shaves A Fraction Of An Inch Off Wet Wipes For Adults

There’s still disagreement between wet wipes manufacturers and plumbers and sewage workers about whether “flushable” wet wipes should actually be flushed. What we do know is that one brand of adult wipes, Charmin, has shrunk their product slightly so there’s slightly less in each square to flush. Or not flush. You probably shouldn’t flush them.

Reader Jamie noticed the change after buying a redesigned package. Here’s what she saw:



I had trouble seeing the sizes in all that pastel text on the container, so here’s the part that matters:


There’s the weird thing where they change the name to Fresh Mates in two words, but also each square shrank by a few tenths of an inch. That might seem like a tiny amount, but it’s still a hit from the Grocery Shrink Ray. Over decades, toilet paper rolls shrank from 4.5 inches to the pathetic rolls we buy today that are often less than 4 inches wide.

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