Rare Grocery Growth Ray Sighting At Costco: Detergent Grows By 10 Pods

While detergent pods still have some safety issues and still sort of look a little bit like candy, here’s one inspiring piece of news about them. A few weeks ago, we wrote about Costco’s Kirkland Signature pods shrinking, losing 10 pods from a 130-pod package. Costco contacted us to point out that our reader actually got this backwards: they had recently made the packages bigger, not smaller.


The different quantities came in the same size jar, meaning that only sharp-eyed consumers would notice the change in the first place. A Costco representative contacted us to clarify. The jars had 120 packets from February to July of 2015, and then they increased the count to 130. While they did raise the price slightly, from $16.99 to $17.99 for the jar, each pod now costs 2.3% less than before.

For once, a retailer just raised the price of something, sparing us all from the Grocery Shrink Ray.

Costco Shrink Rays Bins Of Detergent Pods Ever So Slightly

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