Please Don’t Call In A Bomb Threat To Avoid Paying Your Restaurant Tab

Image courtesy of nick.amoscato

While we’ve heard of people calling 9-1-1 to report complaints they have about their food, police in Pittsburgh say one fast food customer took things a step too far when he allegedly called in a bomb threat to avoid paying his bill.

According to, a 40-year-old man tried to run out of the restaurant twice to avoid paying his tab at sandwich shop Primanti Bros.,

Although someone eventually offered to pay the bill, police arrived on the scene. At some point, officers said they heard him call in a bomb threat to a restaurant a few blocks down the street.

“His tab is paid. They get ready to let him go and the bomb threat comes in and he takes off!” a witness told the station.

From there, police claim the man ran down the street, where he was eventually shocked with a stun gun and arrested. Authorities say the man told them his friend advised him to call in the threat to make a distraction so he could get away.

He’s now charged with threats to use weapons of mass destruction, public drunkenness, false identification to police, terroristic threats, and escape.

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