30 People Kicked Out Of Hotel After Scuffle Over Waffle Iron

Few people are very amiable before breakfast, but things got really out of hand this week at a hotel in Michigan. A brawl of Chuck E. Cheese proportions broke out during breakfast at a hotel in Pere Marquette Township, Michigan. Two women began an argument over whose turn it was to make a waffle at the hotel’s breakfast bar.

How do 30 people fight over one waffle? Hotel employees called the local sheriff’s department and walked in to find what they called “a large group of people arguing over the waffle maker.” Police recounted that the dispute apparently began when one woman asked another whether she was using the waffle iron at that moment. When she didn’t respond, the first woman went ahead and made a waffle, and the two argued over whose waffle was cooking at that moment. Additional people joined in what was more of a shouting match and less of a physical dispute.

All of the people involved were asked to pack up their rooms and leave the hotel, and police stayed until all people involved in the breakfast brawl had left.

Waffle-maker dispute results in 30 people kicked out of Mason County hotel, police say [MLive]

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