Escaped Pig Snaps At Customers While Blocking Burger King Drive-Thru

This just in: Word of fast food restaurant’s use of bacon has apparently spread beyond the human realm to the farm, where the news apparently prompted one pig to escape his confines and head for Burger King to disrupt mankind’s quest for animal products.

Customer at a Burger King in Pennsylvania found the drive-thru blocked by a menacing pig, reports, who was running loose outside the joint after slipping away from a nearby farm.

Those seeking to grab some grub were deterred by the rampaging pig in the parking lot this morning, who reportedly bit one customer. State police say she refused treatment.

Despite his snap, he really wasn’t that scary, one worker admits.

“I watched it happen right here. It was crazy.The pig was really friendly. She was like, ‘Hey!’ And the pig just kind of walked up to her and bit her right on the foot,” the employee explains.

He adds that he tried to feed it bacon in some kind of cruel joke, but his manager told him not to.

As the reports of the porcine visitor spread, customers started showing up just to see him trotting around. He was eventually corralled and reunited with his owners, leaving behind his snout prints on the bottom of a glass door.

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

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Pig running loose outside Burger King creates stir []

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