Burger King Is Apparently Leaving Product Decisions Up To A Chicken Now

Burger King is letting a Gloria the chicken decide which locations can serve Chicken Fries for the day.

Burger King is letting Gloria the chicken decide which locations can serve Chicken Fries for the day.

When determining where to launch new menu items, you would think that fast food restaurants take a number of issues into consideration: popularity in that area, cost, projected sales. Apparently for Burger King and its soon-to-return Chicken Fries, the only opinion that matters is that of an actual chicken named Gloria.

Burger King announced today that it would enlist the help of Gloria to determine which locations around the country will be able to sell Chicken Fries for one day, Ad Age reports.

Burger King introduced the thin strips of white-meat chicken that are shaped like french fries back in 2005 and took them off the menu in 2012. Then last August the company announced it would bring back the snack for a limited time, only to sell out in a few months.

In an effort to capitalize on the popularity of the limited item, Burger King launched a national “Random Gloria Tour,” in which Gloria will appear at random Burger King locations across the country and decide if Chicken Fries will be added to the menu for a single day.

The decision hinges on whether or not Gloria pecks at a “yes” or “no” dish when she’s removed from her cage.

“Each day when she arrives with her expert handler, she will ascend from her plush coop onto her custom decision-making stage and randomly choose whether or not Chicken Fries will return to that Burger King restaurant,” Burger King says in a statement. “Like it or not, Gloria has the final word. She can’t be bought, seduced or swayed. After the decision, fans can take celebratory or sad-face photos with her.”

Unlike Burger King’s Subservient Chicken, Gloria is the real deal. According to Burger King’s new Chicken Fries dedicated website, she has always “aspired to take the spotlight. Her friends on the farm adored her for her charisma and wit. And now, she finally has the perfect stage to showcase her talents.”

Burger King suggests customers either watch Gloria do her stuff in person at the restaurant, or via a live stream at http://www.chickenfries.com.

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