Burger King Resurrects Spirit Of Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets

It’s like The Mindy Project being cut by Fox only to find a second life on Hulu, or that annoying Verizon guy being dusted off by Sprint to irritate a new generation of TV viewers: Burger King has resurrected the spicy chicken nuggets that were killed off by Wendy’s earlier this year.

We actually don’t know yet if the spicy nuggets that BK is launching are identical (or close enough) to the former Wendy’s value menu fave, but the burger chain is making no attempt to conceal its intention to woo fast food customers who miss Wendy’s spicy bits of breaded chicken.

In fact, it’s being rather obvious about it. This Friday, Oct. 13, customers named Wendy can get a free 10-piece Spicy Chicken Nugget order if they show valid ID at a handful of BK locations in Los Angeles, Miami, or New York City. (A partial list of BKs offering the free nugs is at the bottom of this story.)

The spicy nuggets are not a permanent menu addition for Burger King, which hasn’t put an end-date on when they will once again vanish into the spicy, slightly oily, ether.

As Business Insider points out, BK did permanently bring back its Chicken Fries in 2015 after customers demanded it, so it’s possible the spicy nuggets could stick around. At the same time, items like the Fiery Chicken Fries, or the Cheeto’s version, did not have that staying power.

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