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McDonald’s Bringing Back “Really Limited” Quantity Of Szechuan Sauce For One Day

McDonald’s Bringing Back “Really Limited” Quantity Of Szechuan Sauce For One Day

McDonald’s Szechuan sauce may be long forgotten by many folks, and others never noticed its brief existence in the first place, but among its fans, Szechuan sauce has taken on near-mythical status, stoked by the cartoon exploits of an ornery mad scientist. [More]


You Can Get A Chicken Big Mac Without Assembling It Yourself — If You Live In Australia

The Big Mac-McChicken: A sandwich that looks like a Big Mac, but uses McChicken patties instead. McDonald’s customers have long been able to make the sandwich mashup on their own by ordering both sandwiches and stacking them together. But guests in Australia will no longer have to pay for two sandwiches when looking to cure their Chicken Big Mac craving. [More]

Chipotle Giving Away Even More Free Burritos

Chipotle Giving Away Even More Free Burritos

It looks like Chipotle is just going to keep figuring out ways to give away free food until it either convinces customers to come back or exhausts the world’s supply of flour tortillas. After giving away free food to kids, offering a buy one-get one deal, and letting people drink booze for free, the burrito chain is still plugging away, offering yet another way to eat without paying. [More]


Starbucks To Sell Coffee From India For The First Time

Tired of picking up bags of the same old Colombian coffee at Starbucks? You’ll soon be able to branch out, as the coffee giant announced today that it will, for a limited time, offer coffee from India for sale this fall — but only in Seattle.  [More]

Burger King is letting a Gloria the chicken decide which locations can serve Chicken Fries for the day.

Burger King Is Apparently Leaving Product Decisions Up To A Chicken Now

When determining where to launch new menu items, you would think that fast food restaurants take a number of issues into consideration: popularity in that area, cost, projected sales. Apparently for Burger King and its soon-to-return Chicken Fries, the only opinion that matters is that of an actual chicken named Gloria. [More]