Burger King Will Sell Chicken Fries In Ring Form

Have you ordered Burger King’s chicken fries and wished that they could be rounder? No, neither has anyone else, but the fast food chain is putting Chicken Fries Rings on the menu anyway as a limited-time item and a new variation on their Chicken Fries franchise. There have been flavor variations, including Fiery, Jalapeno, and Buffalo fries, but this marks the chain’s first variation on shape in the Chicken Fries line.


The suggested price for chicken rings will be $2.89 for six pieces. IF you want to obey your chicken craving at a much lower price, Burger King is also reviving its 10 nuggets for $1.49 deal, perhaps reviving another round of the Nugget Wars with McDonald’s.

Burger King didn’t announce an end date for the either the discount nugget deal or for the run of Chicken Fries, but the latter will most likely end when the run out, or be extended indefinitely if they build the same kind of loyal following that the original Chicken Fries did.

At least with these fried rings, the chain doesn’t have a phrase it’s weirdly enamored with, like when they launched onion rings in 1974 by repeating the phrase “French fryin’ legion” in print advertisements, trying to make it a thing. It did not become a thing.

(via BurgerBusiness)

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