People Are Really Excited About Burger King Chicken Fries

Chicken fries are exactly what they sound like. They are long, thin strips of white-meat chicken that are shaped like French fries. Hence: chicken fries. Burger King introduced them in 2005 and took them off the menu in 2012. Some people were very upset about this. Their faith has been rewarded, since Chicken Fries returned to the menu today.

The idea behind chicken fries was to serve up chicken nuggets that fit neatly in a car cup holder, sauces and all. Some would argue that KFC has improved on concept even more with the Go Cup, but those cups contain a large amount of food objects that are not chicken.

Someone started Twitter and Tumblr accounts dedicated to chicken fries when they disappeared from stores. Now, it could be that this whole thing is a ruse. Remember that the CEO of Burger King is an actual member of the Millennial generation, and this could all be a fake Internet campaign orchestrated to make everyone think that there’s a huge outcry in favor of chicken fries.

However, we believe that America’s pain was real, because chicken strips are delicious. Even comedian Daniel Tosh got in on the action (warning: not safe for work language and hand gestures) and pretended to torture BK’s former mascot to persuade the company to bring the fries back. 16 months later, they’re back, so apparently mascot torture and fat jokes are the path to success when you want to persuade a fast-food restaurant. That doesn’t seem right.

Anyway, today, August 11, 2014, the fries returned to stores. Even Dave the Chicken Fry Guy was in on the action, making a YouTube video of his chicken fry bliss.

People are very happy about the return of the product.

Either our society is doomed, or Americans have learned to appreciate the small things in life that can disappear at a corporate whim. Either way, hey, chicken fries.

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