Prairie Farms Introduces Peeps-Branded Marshmallow Milks And Easter Egg Nog

easter milkLast year, we brought you the news that Prairie Farms sells Easter-themed dairy beverages: specifically, jellybean milk and Easter egg nog. Now the company has partnered with Just Born, creators of Peeps marshmallow-shaped holiday treats, to sell Peep-flavored milk. Yes, that just means sugar, artificial flavors, and food coloring. That’s what Peeps are.

Whether you think this is a neat cross-branding opportunity or a holiday mashup nightmarescape, it doesn’t matter what your opinion is. Peeps milk will continue to exist. Last year, when we learned that Easter egg nog was a thing, we learned that it wasn’t a new thing: spring nogs have been on the market since the ’90s.

Of course, nothing stops anyone from making their own egg nog at any time of year. The more important question is whether we really need heavily-sugared milk beverages to encourage milk-drinking in children. Jelly beans and sugar-coated marshmallows are great foods in moderation, but that doesn’t mean we ought to mix every beverage up with them. It’s like wrapping every food in bacon.

Prairie Farms and PEEPS® Team Up to Bring You America’s Newest Milk Flavors! [Prairie Farms] (Thanks, JT!)

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