Will Easter Egg Nog And Jellybean Milk Ever Catch On?

Here at Consumerist, we love and hate holiday mashups. Here’s one that has been around for a while, but was new to us: easter egg nog. Makes sense, doesn’t it? A holiday for which the decorations include brightly-colored eggs, and a festive, occasionally boozy, holiday beverage. Yet it seems so very wrong.

easter_milksThis product came to our attention through one of our favorite blogs, and we just had to check into it. These new products are from Hiland Dairy Foods and Prairie Farms, but it turns out that Easter egg nog is nothing new: Turkey Hill also markets a springtime nog, and dairy giant Dean Foods has apparently been selling it since at least the ’90s. Promised Land also sells Easter nog, along with other baffling milk flavors like “cookies ‘n’ cream” milk and chocolate nog.

Even if we begrudgingly accept this expansion of nog into other seasons, much as we have come to accept Reese’s peanut butter eggs and marshmallow Peeps being available more or less year-round, the other seasonal milks raise many questions. Isn’t jellybean milk just milk with a bunch of sugar and fruit flavoring in it? Doesn’t that make it simply what milk tastes like after all of your Froot Loops are gone? Someone has already covered that concept, except without the holiday spin.

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