Sure, Let’s Replace Punxsutawney Phil With The Peeps Chicks

vote_peepsGroundhog Day is a fun and silly holiday, and Groundhog Day was a fine movie about personal redemption, but it turns out that rodents are not actually very good at predicting the weather. That leaves an opportunity for another animal with weather-indicating abilities to step in and take over… but we’re not sure that the Peeps chicks are really up for the job.

The premise of the “Vote Peeps” ad campaign is simple: Phil is really not very good at accurately predicting the coming of spring, so we should hand the job over to a marshmallow chick instead. After all, when the chicks are on store shelves, that means spring is near.

The flaw in this logic is that Peeps has spent the last decade or so turning their product into a year-round one: there are Halloween Peeps, Christmas Peps, and even summer peeps in flavors like lemonade and bubble gum.

In addition, considering how early some stores put out Easter candy, it’s not really an accurate gauge of when spring will come.

The Peep vs. Groundhog campaign is framed as a political campaign with attack ads on both sides, because goodness knows that Americans aren’t tired of those yet.

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