Peeps Milk And Marshmallow Egg Nog Are Back This Year With More Flavors

peeps_cow_noseIn case you were worried that you would have to face a spring without Easter egg nog and Peeps-flavored sugar milk, don’t fret: the good people at Prairie Farms haven’t just brought back those springtime beverages, but they’ve expanded the line, even adding a Walmart-exclusive orange creme flavor.

This is the first year that the Peeps beverages will be available nationwide, and the company is celebrating by sending their chef to Just Born headquarters in Pennsylvania with a basket of milks and a performer dressed as a Peep that has suddenly sprouted legs.


Easter egg nog isn’t a new concept, and has even been available in some markets for decades. Orange milk for holidays isn’t new, either, though it usually hits the market for Halloween. We could condemn this marketing partnership, but we simply like Peeps too much. Sorry, haters.

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