Dick’s Sporting Goods: Relax, There Will Still Be Plenty Of Adidas Stuff On Shelves

Yesterday we heard that Dick’s Sporting Goods stores would be ditching some Adidas and Rebook merchandise in order to make room for the chain’s new women’s workout line Calia, with Carrie Underwood as the face of the brand. And now the company is reassuring customers who were apparently worried this meant the store would be dropping the other brands completely.

Perhaps Adidas was a bit worried that Dick’s didn’t love it anymore, as the retailer’s CEO Ed Stack said today that the Germany company “Is a large and important partner,” reports the Wall Street Journal (warning: paywall in place).

Yesterday during an earnings call Dick’s CEO Ed Stack said that the space for the Calia line “would be coming out of primarily Adidas and Reebok,” but then stressed the fact today during an investor conference that those brands wouldn’t disappear completely by any means.

“The idea that we are kicking Adidas off the shelves, nothing could be further from the truth,” Stack said Wednesday. “For all the Adidas fans, there will be plenty of Adidas product.”

Dick’s Sporting Goods Says There Will Be Plenty of Adidas Products [Wall Street Journal]

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