Chipotle Giving Away Even More Free Burritos

It looks like Chipotle is just going to keep figuring out ways to give away free food until it either convinces customers to come back or exhausts the world’s supply of flour tortillas. After giving away free food to kids, offering a buy one-get one deal, and letting people drink booze for free, the burrito chain is still plugging away, offering yet another way to eat without paying.

As with some previous promotions, Chipotle announced Tuesday that customers willing to play a quick online game can “score a free burrito,” you know, as long as they buy one, too.

The company has launched a new game based on its “A Love Story” short film. The memory game is meant to highlight Chipotle’s use of fresh, unprocessed ingredients.

Those who complete the game will receive a mobile buy-one, get-one coupon for a free entree, redeemable until the end of November. You can play as many times as you’d like, but you can only get one coupon per person.

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