Man Finds Quickest Way To The Doghouse Is Demolishing Home Without Telling His Wife

Sometimes doing it yourself is just not the best way to go about things, especially when it involves taking a bulldozer to the family home without telling your significant other. A New York man is likely in a deep pile of excrement after his wife arrived home to find he’d destroyed the house, citing a “bad foundation.”

According to police in Middletown, N.Y., officers arrived at a property apparently owned by a 48-year-old man’s wife to find him using an excavator to take the house apart, reports the Associated Press.

And he apparently didn’t have time to remove household items like furniture, food and personal stuff in any kind of careful manner, instead chucking everything into a large construction garbage bin.

Then there’s the issue of the man neglecting to dial up utility companies to cancel all the services that should be stopped before such a major undertaking, like gas, electric and water. Crews turned everything off after police alerted them to the issue.

He reportedly told cops the house had to go because it had a bad foundation, and has been charged with criminal mischief.

Police: New York man demolishes home without telling wife [Associated Press]

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