One Person Tests 18 Different Oreo Flavors, Somehow Survives

milk_CookiesHere at Consumerist, we have an unhealthy obsession with what we call “exotic Oreos,” the ever-expanding variety of flavors of the classic creme-filled cookie that are now available…for some reason, only at Walmart. While we’ve featured new flavors that raise our eyebrows, from limeade Oreos to pumpkin spice, what we haven’t done is taste-test them.

Over at The Verge, they were bold enough to acquire eighteen different Oreo varieties and compare them. There are broad categories of exotic Oreos, as it turns out: regular Oreos, fruit-flavored Oreos that taste like fruit candy sandwiched between cookie wafers, and finally dessert Oreos that bend the definitions of different types of dessert foods by existing as three things at once: a cookie flavored like a liquid carbonated beverage and an ice cream.

Their final verdict, which we probably could have predicted, is that the Reese’s peanut butter cup flavored Oreo (not to be confused with the peanut butter Oreo) was the tastiest of them all. We find this outcome to be acceptable, and not just because we know that having eighteen packages of cookies around the Consumerist office would be a dangerous and highly sugary situation that we would prefer to avoid.

The best Oreo you can buy [The Verge]

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