Totino’s Disturbs Us All By Using Terrible Stock Photos

Stock photos are images that photographers produce in case an advertiser or publication might need them one day and pay for the photograph. Nobody can predict every kind of image that every designer might possibly need, which means that there are a lot of weird stock photos. Really weird. Totino’s decided to use some of these photos to promote their frozen pizza rolls, and the result is even more disturbing than the original pictures.

This all began with a Buzzfeed article that simply presented 50 stock photos, which in turn came from a blog and from a subreddit devoted to terrible stock photos. Totino’s took these images and tried to find a use for them in the context of pizza rolls. The images make even less sense with pizzas and pizza rolls added to them. Or maybe this was the purpose that a picture of a man dressed as Santa and pinching his nipples had all along.





Buzzfeed’s 50 Unusable Stock Photos: Used! [Totino’s Life]

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