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Totino’s Disturbs Us All By Using Terrible Stock Photos

Totino’s Disturbs Us All By Using Terrible Stock Photos

Stock photos are images that photographers produce in case an advertiser or publication might need them one day and pay for the photograph. Nobody can predict every kind of image that every designer might possibly need, which means that there are a lot of weird stock photos. Really weird. Totino’s decided to use some of these photos to promote their frozen pizza rolls, and the result is even more disturbing than the original pictures. [More]

(Good Morning America)

The Cover Model Of Rollout Speaks Out

Imagine having millions of people, everyone from frustrated citizens to prominent comedians, making jokes about your appearance and speculating about your life story based on one photo. That’s what life has been like for Adriana, a woman who sat to have her picture taken for a stock photo and ended up as the face of a government fiasco. [More]