Some Workers Step Up, Love Working On Thanksgiving

While many commentators (this site included) have complained about the ascent of Brown Thursday and how the shopping frenzy has gradually devoured the holiday once known as Thanksgiving, perhaps we’re being unfair. There are workers who enjoy spending Thanksgiving Day on the job, and who volunteer for duty.

Well, okay, CNN was only able to find and interview three, but there are plenty of others out there. They spoke to a couple who work at Target, then celebrate Thanksgiving as a family the following weekend. The crowd is friendly and fun, they explained, and being able to earn 1.5 times their normal pay for working a holiday is worth it.

One Kohl’s employee…isn’t actually a Kohl’s employee anymore. He used to work at the store, and volunteered to work because he has the day off at his new job, and would rather earn some extra money and get an employee discount. Some stores even offer extra discounts to employees who work on holidays, alongside their festive holiday food that is probably from Boston Market.

We love working on Thanksgiving! [CNN]

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