Walmart And Target Kick Off Black Friday At 6 PM On Thanksgiving Day

Image courtesy of Daniel Oines

If you’re looking for an excuse to escape your family or other guests on Thanksigivng Day, the most popular big-box discount stores will be ready for you on the holiday itself. Both Target and Walmart are kicking off their doorbuster deals at 6 PM on the holiday, and Walmart is opening up access to some of its hottest deals a week early.

You have to download Walmart’s app, of course: the retailer wants as many people as possible using its app, which does everything from scan bar codes for the company’s Savings Catcher rewards program to storing and displaying payment information for customers to pay using the app in stores.

“We really pride ourselves on not being the retailer who advertises a great price but then only has a few available for the customers,” the company’s chief merchandising officer told reporters during a conference call about holiday plans earlier this week.

We’re guessing that its headline deal, a 4K television set that costs $398, will not be in plentiful supply in every store across the country.

While some retailers and some malls have been dialing back their opening times as backlash against Brown Thursday grows, Walmart and Target are opening at the same time as last year.

Walmart and Target to kick off Black Friday sales at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving [Washington Post]

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