1-In-5 Shoppers Has Done Something Awful To Obtain A Coveted Holiday Gift

Because there’s this widely held assumption that people should get the thing they desire most during the holidays, and because a lot of people desire the same things, some holiday shoppers will cross that line between naughty and nice to make sure they check certain items off their shopping lists.

According to researchers at 1010Data, 21% of shoppers have done something just downright awful to make sure their kid got the G.I. Joe with the kung fu grip, or the pair of Uggs they’ll ruin within a week by wearing them out in the slushy snow.

Among the most egregious examples, include taking an item out of another shopper’s cart, cutting in front of other shoppers in line, pushing or shoving a shopper out of the way, and even paying
another shopper to get what they want.

All for gifts that will likely disappoint, be broken, or be forgotten about shortly after being received.

But there’s a reason that 1-in-5 of us act like A-holes during the holiday shopping season, because more than half of us have seen what happens when you give a loved one something other than what they asked for, because heaven forbid someone have to buy something on their own.

According to 1010Data’s survey, 20% of respondents said they were given the silent treatment after giving an unasked-for gift. Nearly the same number (18%) learned that the gift’s recipient had gone and complained to friends or family, with 11% choosing to actually bring up the topic of the disappointing at a social gathering or party.

The good news is that only 1% of respondents said that a lackluster gift ended their relationship. And honestly, if a so-so Christmas gift is enough to cause a breakup, either the recipient is a horrible person you don’t need to be around, or that relationship wasn’t long for this world anyway.

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