Report: Macy’s To Open An Hour Earlier On Thanksgiving Day

Image courtesy of Nicholas Eckhart

While the trend of not opening on Thanksgiving Day and making sure everyone knows it spreads across the retailscape, some stores are sticking with the previous trend of opening on the holiday. One example: Macy’s, which apparently has been so successful with the practice that it’s reportedly moving its Thanksgiving Day opening time back an hour, to 5 PM.

Stores opening on Thanksgiving Day is still a pretty new phenomenon: Kmart has been at it for decades, but most of its competitors only joined it in the last half-decade or so. While some people like volunteering to receive holiday pay and a tasty festive meal from Boston Market, most retail workers are not very enthused about the idea, Thanksgiving having previously been one holiday that they could count on having off.

Last year, Macy’s opened at 6 PM on Thanksgiving Day. We checked with the retailer to find out whether the reports of an earlier opening this year are true, and will update this post when we get our own confirmation. The Associated Press reports that the retailer’s plan is to open from 5 PM on Thursday to 2 AM on Friday, then re-open three hours later to welcome another shift of shoppers.

Some entire mall chains and big box stores that experimented with opening on the holiday in recent years are keeping their doors closed this year, holding off until at least the wee hours of Friday morning.

By the way, Macy’s recently started carrying some merchandise from Brookstone, for all of your motion-sensing snack dispenser and cat ear headphone needs. That collection will be available in 347 of the chain’s department stores as well as online, and of course as soon as you make your way through the door on Thursday afternoon.

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