Hungry Buffalo Residents Steal Chips Off Doritos Truck Abandoned In The Snow

Just like a lovely sea creature perched upon the rocky shoreline, a Doritos truck abandoned in several feet of the snow that’s currently blanketing the Buffalo, NY area proved too tempting to resist for some hungry residents. After its driver apparently left it behind when Mother Nature dumped six feet of snow on it this week, people were spotted brazenly boosting chips from the back of the rig for their own eating pleasure.

As points out, several people on social media reported seeing the alleged plundering of the Doritos truck late on Tuesday night, including this guy on Twitter who snapped a pic of the abandoned truck:

And a woman on Facebook who captured photographic evidence of what could be a looting in progress.

“Just some people casually robbing the Doritos truck on Seneca Street. How typical,” she writes.

Reminder: Just because there’s no one driving a truck/vehicle doesn’t mean that whatever is inside it is for you to take. Stealing is stealing, folks.

Thus far, Doritos and Frito-Lay haven’t made a comment regarding the powdery pilferings.

There were up to 150 vehicles stranded on the New York State Thruway this week, as snow has covered the region with more than five feet of November flakes. Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency in the area, but “emergency” never translates to, “steal all the Doritos you can if no one is around.”

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