Massachusetts Town Decides Against Banning Tobacco Sales After Outcry

After floating the idea of possibly banning all tobacco sales within city limits, a Massachusetts town’s Board of Health has decided to give up the proposal after some residents protested the effort, saying they should be able to buy cigarettes and other products in their own town.

The writing appeared to be on the wall after a public hearing in Westminster, MA last week on the idea had to be shut down early due to the large amount of people who showed up. Then last night, the Board of Health voted last night 2-1 in favor of dumping the proposed regulation.

“The whole idea was to get everybody’s input, and we messed up,” the board member who moved to remove the idea from consideration explained of the hearing told the Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise. “Somehow the hearing got away from us.”

“The town is not in favor of the proposal, and therefore I am not in favor of the proposal,” he added.

One store owner who protested the ban said he was ready for the motion before things even started, saying he saw one of the members coming into the room in a “chipper” manner.

“After going to the last meeting, it was very clear the majority was against it,” he said. “Any practical person would have lifted the ban.”

Tobacco sales ban tossed [Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise]

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