The Unhappiest Hour: Busch Beer, Frito-Lay Trucks Collide, Spilling Products Onto Highway

Image courtesy of JLars K. Jensen

That faint keening sound you may hear coming from down in Florida could be the mournful wails of beer and snack fans upon hearing that a Busch Beer truck collided with another truck carrying Frito-Lay chips, spilling products all over the interstate.

The massive waste of snacks happened this morning when the driver of the Busch truck attempted to move into the center lane of I-95, and swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle, Florida Highway Patrol said, according to WKMG Orlando.

That’s when the beer truck hit the Frito-Lay tractor trailer, prompting the chip truck to overturn. Both beer and chips spilled onto the roadway, never to fulfill their destinies of going into the mouths of thirsty, hungry people.

“We had a front-end loader come out and scoop all of the beer and chips and pushed them to the right shoulder. We have two of the three lanes open now,” said a spokeswoman for the Florida Highway Patrol, via Florida Today.

She also confirmed that no one will be eating or drinking any of the spilled items. Sigh.

“All of the products will be thrown away. They can’t take the risk of them having some type of internal damage,” she said.

Officers ticketed the Busch truck’s driver for failing to maintain a single lane, and no injuries were reported.

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