This Is The Future, And We Can Track Domino’s Pizzas From Our Wrist Computers

It was almost seven years ago that Domino’s introduced its Pizza Tracker, an online feature that lets customer keep track of what is happening with their pizzas right now, to within under a minute. In case you wondered what kind of glorious era we’re living in, the Tracker is now available for the Pebble smartwatch, meaning that you don’t even need to sit down at a computer to learn that your pizza is entering the oven right now.


The watch app does exactly the same thing as the Web version: it lets you know exactly what’s going on with your pizza right now. The main difference is that the watch version has a tiny pizza icon that represents, in grayscale, what’s happening to your pizza at its current phase of production.

Do you think that you don’t need that kind of information about anything, let alone a pizza? Nonsense. Domino’s has concluded that we all want more information about our pizzas, even installing webcams in the kitchens, possibly to ensure that employees don’t start sticking cheese up their noses again. We can’t wait until this feature combines with smartwatches with color screens, resulting in consumers having the ability to watch their food be made in real time. After all, workers are getting paid close to minimum wage: now they want privacy, too?

“Pizza’s Here!” Domino’s Lands on Pebble + Apps of the Week (Nov 13–19) [Pebble] (via The Verge)

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