Domino's Announces Online Pizza Tracking That's Accurate To 40 Seconds

This is science! Domino’s has announced an online pizza tracking system that will allow you to keep an eye on your pizza as it’s being delivered—and it’s accurate to 40 seconds.

We are living in the future!

“We’re filling that black box of uncertainty — ‘Has my pizza been forgotten?’ — with information and entertainment,” says Chris McGlothlin, technology chief at Domino’s.

The system goes up Wednesday at 3,400 Domino’s outlets and will be in all stores by June 30, he says. It even gives folks the first names of the workers who take their phone order and deliver their pizza — and asks customers to rate them.

Any customer comments about inappropriate behavior by order takers or delivery staff will be investigated, spokesman Tim McIntyre says.

The best (worst?) part of the pizza tracker is the little pizza oath they make you take. “I agree to use the Domino’s Pizza Tracker to only track my own Domino’s Pizza orders…”pizzasecurity.jpg We are imagining all sorts of weird pizza tracking fraud scenarios. How long untill the Pizza Tracker is featured on Law & Order?

Pizza Tracker
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