Domino's Gross-Out Video Star Gets 24 Months Probation

Last spring, two morons videotaped themselves doing unspeakable things to the food they were about to serve at an unidentified Domino’s restaurant. The video was posted to YouTube, and the situation didn’t end well for anyone.

Based on a few clues, Consumerist commenters tracked the specific location down. The employees behind the video lost their jobs, that location closed a few months later, and no one could eat products from Domino’s without imagining that parts of their meal had been crammed up someone’s nose. While camerawoman Kristy Hammonds is still waiting for her trial, star Michael Setzer has been sentenced to 24 months of supervised probation.

Michael Setzer, 32, entered a so-called Alford plea, in which he did not admit guilt but acknowledged that he likely would be found guilty. A judge then sentenced him to probation and ordered him not to have contact with the other person involved in the video, Kristy Hammonds, 31.

We expected some kind of restriction against working in the food service industry as well, but it’s hard to imagine anyone hiring him.

YouTube pizza video sentence: Probation [Charlotte Observer]

(Thanks, Timothy!)

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