Comcast Apologizes For Week’s Second Large-Scale Outage

In the wake of its second high-profile TV service outage this week, Comcast is apologizing to affected customers, many of whom had to find out through social media that there was a widespread problem because they couldn’t get through to Kabletown over the phone or online.

“We know some of our customers may have missed their favorite shows off and on over the past few days and were unable to easily reach our customer care representatives for assistance,” reads a statement from Comcast, “and we’re really sorry.”

The company isn’t providing specific details on what caused the outage but says that a “technical issue” arose while upgrading its X1 platform.

“We’ve identified the cause and our engineers are working to fully restore our services,” says Comcast. “Additionally, we will be reaching out to impacted customers to ensure their service issues have been resolved and they are satisfied with their service.”

There doesn’t appear to be a specific timeline for when the problem will be fixed for everyone, but the rate of outage complaints on DownDetector has dropped significantly since last night, when it peaked at 1,102 instances in an hour. It’s currently still double the rate of outage complaints that were being reported before the spike, so there appears to be some customers still having problems.

UPDATE: Comcast is now saying it will indeed proactively offer bill credits to customers affected by the outage. Though it hasn’t specified the amount of those credits, it says affected subscribers will see the update to their accounts in the next few weeks.

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