Everyone Loves The McDonald’s Drive-Thru Cashier Who Sings To Customers

If McDonald’s really wants to turn its sales around, maybe it should hire the most popular cashier at one Louisiana location’s drive-thru. Customers say his habit of talking in funny accents and often crooning to patrons over the mic keeps them coming back for more fast food. Just call him the burger siren.

“I come through pretty often and I do enjoy visiting, because his voice just makes me smile,” one resident told KPLCTV.com of the show the cashier puts on.

He’s not humble about his talents, either, which he says he started honing as a way to make the time on the job pass more quickly.

“It’s kind of my talent that keeps putting me back here,” he explained.

Indeed, say his drive-thru faithful: “This young fella has such a voice that at first you think it’s a recording it’s so unique,” one customer said.

Lest you think he’s read to take his act on the road or try for a career on the airwaves, as some of his customers have encouraged him to do, he says he’s happy to perform where he is for now.

“It gives me that kick for an extra smile,” he explained.

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