Comcast Leaves Cable Dangling In Back Yard Of Non-Customer For More Than 2 Years

Nearly three years ago, Comcast workers told a Utah homeowner that they had to quickly strung a cable across her property to fix an outage. The Comcast-ers promised to come back soon and bury the unsightly line, but never made good on their promise — at least until a local TV news reporter got involved.

The homeowner, who isn’t even currently a Comcast customer, tells Salt Lake City’s KUTV that the Comcast techs had originally come knocking on her door during a rainstorm, explaining that the unsecured and ugly cable was just temporary.

As the Xfinity eyesore lingered, the homeowner says Comcast refused to do anything about it.

“I just got through operator after operator, different people who didn’t know what I was talking about,” she tells KUTV. “I wasn’t trying to get Comcast. I don’t have cable. I wasn’t a customer. They just didn’t know what to do.”

After more than two years of looking at Comcast’s laziness made manifest, the issue recently came to a head for the homeowner when she began the process of refinancing her mortgage.

“I had my house appraised,” she says, “and they asked me what it was that was hanging on my back fence.”

When the appraiser gave her the bad news that the unsightly Comcast cable could put her refi at risk, the homeowner once again began lighting up the Comcast switchboard with calls to get the line removed. Alas, the nation’s largest cable company — which claims to have invested mountains of money into improving its customer service — doesn’t seem to care about its impact on non-customers.

So the homeowner contacted KUTV’s “Get Gephardt,” which reached out to Comcast. As has become standard procedure for the cable giant, rather than give the reporter any sort of explanation for the situation, Comcast sent someone out that day to finally fix the cable.

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