Comcast Says It Will Credit Bills Of Customers Affected By Outage

Twenty-four hours after Comcast’s X1 platform went down for the second time in three days, the company says that it will try to make it up to customers with credits to their cable bills.

In a blog post published late Wednesday afternoon, Comcast’s new Mr. Fix-It Charlie Herrin restated the company’s “our bad” from earlier in the day and added “We’re working now to identify the customers who were impacted to personally apologize and proactively give them credits which we plan to have out to them within the next two weeks.”

Comcast hasn’t specified exactly how much customers will get in terms of credit, but keep your expectations realistic. For example, if your combined monthly bill for TV and Internet is $80, you’re paying around $2.65/day, so we wouldn’t be shocked if the eventual bill credits end up in that neighborhood. Remember all those times in the early days of Netflix’s streaming service when it would offer users the option of taking small credits of only a few cents?

Of course, it’s possible that Comcast — always in need of positive publicity — might go farther than it needs to in order to make good on the oops.

Herrin says that there are still some customers having troubles with their service, and that Comcast engineers are on the case.

“The fix we’ve put in place should be automatic,” he writes, “customers don’t need to do anything.”

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