Mountain Dew Doesn’t Make DWI Go Away After Cops Turn Down Soda Bribe

When you’re in a tight spot, it’s natural to take a quick look around and assess the tools at your disposal. While MacGyver could change his fate with a piece of gum and a 1993 issue of TV Guide, one DIY wannabe thought he’d be able to disappear a DWI charge with Mountain Dew.

The alleged bribe happened after police in Albuquerque said they arrived on the scene of a single-car crash, where the vehicle had hit a light pole, reports KOAT 7.

He reportedly admitted to having had “six shots of Bacardi” before driving, and refused field sobriety and breath alcohol tests. Seems he had his own test, allegedly offering deputies Mountain Dew if they’d let him off the hook.

The officers turned that bribe down and instead arrested him, charging him with aggravated DWI, leaving the scene of an accident, damage to signs/equipment and bribing a public official.

It’s unclear how much Mountain Dew was on the line, and whether it had already been opened.

Police: Man tried to get out of DWI using Mountain Dew [KOAT 7]

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