Court Awards $95K To Ferrari Owner Whose Car Was Seized, Auctioned Off After DWI Arrest

There must be something in the air today, as luxury cars are making news headlines left and right: Joining the mysterious, abandoned Lamborghini in the news spotlight is the owner of a Ferrari who successfully sued after police seized and auctioned off his car after a DWI arrest in 2009. [More]

(Alan Rappa)

News Flash: Eating Your Breathalyzer Results Will Not Get You Off The Hook For Drunk Driving

I can remember being a kid and thinking the best way to get rid of paper evidence like a bad report card would be to just shove it in my mouth and eat it. Fortunately, I never got a (really) bad report card [pats self on back] so I didn’t have to employ that method, but police in New York say one driver pulled over for speeding went the route of turning possibly damning breathalyzer results into a comestible. [More]


Mountain Dew Doesn’t Make DWI Go Away After Cops Turn Down Soda Bribe

When you’re in a tight spot, it’s natural to take a quick look around and assess the tools at your disposal. While MacGyver could change his fate with a piece of gum and a 1993 issue of TV Guide, one DIY wannabe thought he’d be able to disappear a DWI charge with Mountain Dew. [More]

Man Arrested For Driving After Drinking On A US Airways Flight

Man Arrested For Driving After Drinking On A US Airways Flight

We need to figure out how to make airports more entertaining. After drinking at Phoenix International Airport and again on his US Airways flight, Ernest Wright, 49, of Albuquerque, got in his car and drove away. He was arrested with a blood alcohol level of .16 and charged with aggravated DWI.