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State Claims Uber Is Slow To Suspend Drivers Accused Of Working Drunk

Although many people use Uber to avoid getting behind the wheel after having a few too many drinks, regulators in California say the ride-hailing company put passengers and the public at risk by failing to quickly boot drivers accused of accused of working while under the influence from its platform. [More]

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Police: Lyft Driver Drove Drunk With Passenger In The Car

When you’ve had a bit too much to drink to get behind the wheel, you might get a cab or have Uber or Lyft pick you up. But police in Austin say one Lyft driver could’ve used a ride himself, after arresting him for allegedly driving while drunk with a passenger in his back seat. [More]

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Colorado DOT Installing Fake Arcade Racing Game At Pot Shops To Warn Players Against Driving While High

Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, state officials want to make sure that drivers know it’s not just alcohol that shouldn’t be with you behind the wheel, but pot as well. The state’s Department of Transportation is publicizing that message ahead of the April 20 (4/20) celebrations in the state by way of a fake driving game installed at various dispensaries. [More]


Feds Pushing States To Lower The Drunk Driving Threshold To 0.05 BAC

Having a glass of wine with dinner and thinking about driving? That might be a bit more of a gamble in the future, as the National Transportation Safety Board is lobbying states to reduce their thresholds for drunk driving from the national standard of 0.08 blood alcohol concentration to 0.05. [More]

Colorado’s “Drive High, Get A DUI” Campaign: Because Having The Munchies Is Distracting

Colorado’s “Drive High, Get A DUI” Campaign: Because Having The Munchies Is Distracting

Just like Colorado doesn’t want drunk drivers swerving all over its roads and endangering people, the state doesn’t want anyone getting stoned and trying to operate a car, now that marijuana is legal in the state. Because if what we’ve learned from the movies about reefer is true, there are plenty of distractions when you’re stoned — food (Funyuns specifically), the way Willie Nelson’s braids sway just so and oh what’s that thing I must stare at over there? [More]