Man Claims McDonald’s In Canada Served Him Mouse-Flavored Coffee

Image courtesy of This cup is not mouse-infested. We think. (Adam Jefferson)

This cup is not mouse-infested. We think. (Adam Jefferson)

This cup is not mouse-infested. We think. (Adam Jefferson)

A man in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada ordered a cup of coffee at McDonald’s during his commute to work, finishing the cup at the office. That was when he found the surprise at the bottom of his cup. It was not the good kind of surprise: he told the CBC that he found a dead mouse and some mouse droppings at the bottom of his coffee.

Yes, there are photos on the CBC site. No, you should not click over to that site if the sight of a drowned, coffee-soaked mouse would bother you.

Coffee has many merits, but there’s one problem with the beverage: you can’t see to the bottom of a cup. Adding milk or cream doesn’t make the visibility any better: a few years ago, a family drank milk with a dead mouse marinating in the jug for three days.

The man’s co-workers say that they wouldn’t have believed him if they hadn’t watched him discover the mouse right there in the office. “Unless I had been there and seen Ron drink all that coffee down to the last drop, I would have been, like, ‘You’re lying,’” one colleague told the CBC.

The McDonald’s customer admitted that thinking about drinking a cup of mouse-flavored coffee made him a bit nauseated. So far, local health authorities have checked the restaurant for evidence of a mouse infestation: there was none. McDonald’s plans to investigate the incident, and they would also like to get hold of the mouse and test it.

In a statement to the media, McDonald’s said in part:

Until such time as we are able to collect all the necessary facts and laboratory results to conclude a full review, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further. Similarly, we would also caution against jumping to conclusions until more details are available.

How on earth could this happen? We can only hope that the McDonald’s investigation determines how the mouse ended up in the cup. There is no explanation for how this could have happened that isn’t profoundly disturbing, so we almost hope that it is a hoax or prank.

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